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Holocaust Education Professional Development Courses offered through Sperling Kronberg Mack Holocaust Resource Center and CCSD:

  • PDE 3498 Not Only the Jews: Other Victims
  • PDE 3520 Not Like Sheep to the Slaughter: Resistance
  • PDE 3731 Liberation and After
  • PDE 3404 Using Primary Sources to Teach About the Holocaust
  • PDE 3523 Using Literature to Teach About the Holocaust
  • PDE 3702 Using Music and Art to Introduce the Holocaust
  • PDE 3617 Practical Methods¬† and Best Practices for Teaching About the Holocaust
  • PDE 3519 Using Allegories and Picture Books
  • PDE 3405 Children During the Holocaust
  • PDE 3692 Never Again! Before, During, and After the Holocaust
  • PDE 3691 To Save One Life: Rescuers
  • PDE 3222 The Holocaust: Stories of Survivors, Perpetrators, and Resistance
  • PDE 3521 Preparation for Holocaust Studies; Separation, Loss, Discrimination and Bullying, Compassion
  • Virtual Conference on Holocaust Literature for Children and Young Adults


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